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The JavaScript

Information about the default JavaScript included in the project.


This file can be used to contain or reference your site/app JavaScript code. For larger projects, you can make use of a JavaScript module loader, like Require.js, to load any other scripts you need to run.


This file can be used to contain all your plugins, such as jQuery plugins and other 3rd party scripts.

One approach is to put jQuery plugins inside of a (function($){ ... })(jQuery); closure to make sure they’re in the jQuery namespace safety blanket. Read more about jQuery plugin authoring.

By default the plugins.js file contains a small script to avoid console errors in browsers that lack a console. The script will make sure that, if a console method isn’t available, that method will have the value of empty function, thus, preventing the browser from throwing an error.


This directory can be used to contain all 3rd party library code.

Minified versions of the latest jQuery and Modernizr libraries are included by default. You may wish to create your own custom Modernizr build.