The Devil’s Crate is a very simple 3D puzzle game: spin the cubes that make up each puzzle, and try to match their color. But there’s a catch! The cubes are interlinked like gears in contact, and thus do not spin independently. For each puzzle you solve, a time bonus is awarded. How far can you get before you run out of time?

About the App

This is the first app I published on the AppStore, in 2010. As time went by I was unable to maintain it, and had to ultimately pull it down because it wouldn’t work properly on the latest iOS devices. Now, I have rebuilt it from scratch, using modern technologies such as SpriteKit and SceneKit. The original app, on the other hand, was built using Cocos2d, with some custom OpenGL ES 1.0 code on top to render the cubes).


For bug reports and other feedback about the game, contact me on Twitter (@nicolasmiari).