Fun with Groups is mathematics for kids, but with a twist.

Instead of the tired reinforcing of arithmetic and other elementary mathematics that kids already learn at school, this app takes the novel approach of familiarizing children with concrete and tangible examples of finite groups, so that when they grow up and encounter this extremewly abstract topic in (for example) college, they can feel at home to some degree.

I believe that group theory is essential to a true understanding of mathematics, and that children should be exposed to it (even in a “toy” form, with all the rigour and formality stripped away) from an early age.

The app presents children with interactive representations of the first few cyclic and symmetric groups, the dihedral groups, and the Klein four-group.

Available on iOS 12 and above, and macOS 10.13 (“High Sierra”) and above.


For bug reports and feature request, contact me on Twitter (@nicolasmiari). Alternatively, leave a review on the App Store.